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The SOFTEE® ROO is the number one after-breast-surgery recovery camisole preferred, recommended and prescribed by surgeons and healthcare professionals.

Easy for the Healthcare Professional

Convenient for the Paitent

The SOFTEE® ROO Recovery Camisole with prostheses is considered a post operative surgical garment and is prescribed for women after surgery for breast cancer.

This necessary medical product is designed to promote healing by offering the patient comfort and protection after mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast reconstruction and biopsy if breast cancer is determined. The SOFTEE® is not only an eligible covered benefit for immediate post surgery, but may also be covered ongoing in addition to other post mastectomy products.

For medical reimbursement the SOFTEE® requires a written prescription from a physician or other authorized healthcare provider. The SOFTEE® may be provided to a breast cancer patient in the operating room from the surgical supply cart, or later at the time of hospital discharge. It may also be purchased by the patient on our website or from a local retailer.

The SOFTEE® is considered Durable Medical Equipment (DME) by both Medicare and private insurance. It falls under the reimbursement guidelines of Medicare part B. The SOFTEE® is covered under the benefit category for "Prosthetic Device" with a unique code number L8015 for billing, to eliminate confusion with other after care products such as bras and breast prostheses. If you have private insurance through a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), you may be required to requestr pre-authorization prior to purchasing your SOFTEE®.

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