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Uniquely designed with your post-operative needs in mind! The SOFTEE® Roo (formerly the SOFTEE® Two) was created for patient comfort immediately after surgery. It is recommended by hundreds of Surgeons and Doctors as a therapeutic medical garment to assist in recovery. Nurture yourself with the softness and practicality of this prosthetic camisole. It features our unique Roo pocket to hold drain bulbs and can be used with or without our soft poly-fil breast forms. This is the perfect choice for comfort, care and function in hospital recovery and those first weeks home.

SOFTEE® Roo Without Breast Forms

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Dress/Blouse SOFTEE Size
         Up to 6       Petite
           8-10       Small
          12-14     Medium
          16-18       Large
          20-22      XLarge
            24+     XXLarge
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